Elevate Your Space with Asset Cleaning

Elevate Your Space with Asset Cleaning

Embark on a journey of cleanliness with Asset Cleaning. We specialise in transforming spaces into sparkling havens. Our dedicated team brings the expertise, care and attention to detail that your home or business deserves.

Regular Audits
Expert Team
Competitive Prices
Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Quick Resolution

Commercial Cleaning

Efficiency. Customisation. Professionalism

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Residential Cleaning

Comfort. Detail-Oriented. Freshness

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What Our Customers Are Saying

What sets Asset cleaning apart is their strong commitment to delivering outstanding results. They take the time to understand their clients' specific needs and tailor their cleaning approach accordingly. I was amazed by how immaculate the College looked after their services.

Jason Yorke

Aquinas College

Your Assurance of Excellence in Cleaning Services

Why Choose Us?

Consistent Quality Assurance

With dedicated managers conducting bi-weekly quality audits, we ensure unwavering adherence to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, no matter the facility. This rigorous oversight is key to our promise of excellence in every cleaning task.

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Risk-Free Evaluation

Experience our commitment to quality with a 90-day trial period, demonstrating our confidence in meeting diverse cleaning needs. This period allows clients across all sectors to thoroughly assess our services and make an informed decision with the flexibility to opt out if not completely satisfied.

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Eco-Conscious Cleaning

We take pride in our environmental responsibility, utilising eco-friendly cleaning products. This sustainable approach is integral to our services, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all clients and their respective patrons.

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Expert and Qualified Team

Our team of certified cleaners brings specialised skills and a professional approach to every task. Their expertise is crucial across various sectors, ensuring a thorough and tailored cleaning service to meet the specific needs of each facility.

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Prompt Service and Resolution

Understanding the importance of swift and efficient service, we are committed to rapid issue resolution. This approach guarantees uninterrupted cleanliness and functionality, essential for maintaining optimal conditions in any setting.

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Financial Stability

Enjoy the clarity and predictability that comes with our fixed-price contracts, valid for up to two years. This stability allows for effective budgeting and planning, ensuring quality service without unexpected financial burdens.

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Premium Quality Guaranteed

We Clean With Your Satisfaction in Mind

Our primary commitment to our clients is to ensure you are content with our cleaning services. We understand that every site is different, therefore we ensure our cleaning solutions are tailored to suit your unique space.

Want a Cleaning Team That Gets You?

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